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15th April 2006

The Magnet at 45 Hardman Street, Liverpool The Sink is currently run from the Magnet café at 45 Hardman Street, Liverpool (tel: 0151 287 0096), just outside the city centre. In 1963, Neil English started the mod club, The Sink, in the basement of the Rumblin' Tum Coffee Club, at 45 Hardman Street, a few doors down from the Philharmonic Pub on the corner of Hardman Street and Hope Street. Descending the stairs you entered a musical world far removed from the Beatlemania prevalent at the time; here you heard an authentic eclectic mix of soul, R&B, jazz and blues. Although in fairness, the beat groups of the time did actually play their versions of a lot of the tracks that would be heard at the Sink and that would have inspired some of the youth of the day to search out the originals.

Bar area Here was a place, probably as legendary in it's time as Manchester's Twisted Wheel, where race and colour didn't matter - the music did. Neil English was a charismatic proprietor who was a father/uncle-figure to many of the youngsters attending the club and it is fitting that, over 30 years down the line, he is still remembered with great affection.

When the club closed in July 1971, it wasn't demolished or "refurbished" as was the fate of so many other clubs that disappeared. For a long time the cellar was used as a storage area - that meant that a lot of the layout and decor style remained largely untouched.

Chill out room Fast forward to the summer of 2000, when a free reunion was held at the premises, now run as "The Magnet" - café, bar, venue and nightclub. This prompted promoters Stan Evans, Pat Costigan and Peter Everett to relaunch the Sink in October 2000, as a monthly Sunday venue.

This continued until summer 2005, when the Sink lost its home at the Magnet and for the rest of the year, it moved locations twice. As of April 2006, however, it has returned back to its original venue at the Magnet, this time as a Saturday night event. Dates of future events will be posted here as they are announced. Event times are 8:30pm till 2 am, admission is £5, payable on the door.

Round the corner from the bar area The proprietors of the club have their own website at with details of forthcoming events.

So for an authentic 60s atmosphere in a cellar club setting complete with genuine decor, and the R&B sounds of the 60s, The Sink is the place to come!

Forthcoming dates
Saturday 1st July 2006

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