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Brenda Holloway and Alan (I've waited 41 years for this moment...) Although I've been a lover of soul music since 1964, I've only been on the Northern Soul scene since late November 2003. In the early days, I would only go to one or two venues a month, now it's every Friday and Saturday and any other day I can manage, not to mention quite a few of the weekenders held during the year!! To say the scene has taken over my life would be a massive understatement. (By the way, the piccie on the right is of me meeting the lovely Brenda Holloway in October 2005, telling her how I've been a fan of hers since 1964 and been waiting 41 years to meet her! What a gorgeous lady!)

Apart from dancing to the music I love so much, I enjoy the social side, meeting existing friends and making new ones - it's such a friendly scene that it's very easy to get to know new people. I also love watching the many good dancers on the scene and taking photos of them. And that's the reason for this site.

I wanted to give folks out there in cyberspace a feel for the various places I go to and to help promote the venues I attend. Also I have found many people asking me to take photos of them and their friends - so I figured, why not share them online?

Frances Nero The piccie on the left is of the lovely Frances Nero, whom I also had the privilege of meeting in October 2005, when she performed "Keep On Loving Me" and "Footsteps Following Me". What a doll!

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The Events Calendar lists future events in the Greater Manchester and North West area - at this stage by Thurday evening, I try to show as complete a list as possible of the events for the coming weekend. I hope at some stage to be able to have a complete calendar for a couple of weeks ahead, but it's quite onerous updating this page, so no promises!

If you want to access the photo galleries, follow the links under Photo Galleries - the pix are arranged in reverse date order (most recent first).

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To minimise downloading pressures on the site, I have reduced the size of the images. If you would like the original higher quality version of any of the photos on this site, please e-mail me, using the link provided on each page - don't forget to quote the picture reference. In many cases, the pictures are not captioned because I don't know your names - why not e-mail me with your names and I will caption the piccies for you. Finally, if you find any links that don't work, please tell me, all of the pages were handcoded and I'm not immune from making mistakes - I would welcome any feedback on the site. Enjoy!

Love from Al the Soulman

E-mail: alan@soulman1949.com

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